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Prescription Pill Pack Options

The pharmacy is still the heart of our business.

Everyone has different medication needs and schedules. We offer customized prescription pill packaging to meet your individual needs, with options to make it easier for you to take the right medicine at the right time.

Pill Packs

Pill packs – sometimes called blister packs – encase your medications in bubbles on a card. Each bubble contains a dose of one or more medications and is marked with the time it should be taken. For example, one dose each for the morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime.

  • Your London Drugs pharmacy can provide pill packs for up to 4 daily dosing times and up to 4 weeks’ worth of medications
  • Please allow a 24 to 36 hour waiting period to receive your completed pill pack

Who can benefit from London Drugs prescription pill package options?

Pill Packs are convenient for anyone who:

  • Takes multiple medications each day
  • Takes medications at various times throughout the day
  • Is concerned about missing a dose or taking the wrong medication at the wrong time
  • Wants a convenient way to travel with medications
  • Wants to separate the necessary number of doses to take along on a trip (e.g. an afternoon, weekend, or week)
  • Has trouble organizing medications or remembering when to take them
  • Is a caregiver for someone who takes multiple medications

How to use the pill package service at London Drugs

Simply ask a London Drugs pharmacy staff member at your next store visit. We can contact your prescriber to obtain your prescription or transfer your prescriptions from your existing pharmacy. You can also talk to our pharmacy team for help in setting up a regular subscription for filling and delivering your medications in convenient personalized packaging.

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